Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Brothers in arms?

In recent years the Mozambican leadership (along with all their pals at the head of the other SADC countries) have bent over backwards to avoid criticising old Uncle Bob, even as he runs his country into the ground and right through it. The independent press here have for several years carefully and forcefully separated the headline-grabbing "white farmer issue" from the dreadful and ever-increasing economic mismanagement and brutal oppression.

However, the elite have either ignored this or said they are "studying the matter". Just a few days ago, however, I saw a wee article in the business section of Savana (a leading independent newspaper), which mentioned that a massive shipment of grain bought by Zim from Argentina, had arrived at the port of Beira but was stuck there because the Zim govt. has no hard currency to pay the applicable customs duties.

And today I saw this article which suggests that unless the shipment is released, Zim has only 2 days flour supplies left. So the glorious leaders will not criticize Dear Robert, but if the cash ain't forthcoming it is another story. On the other hand, it is the people who eat bread so who cares. As a pupil of mine in Harare, 1993, said "Mugabe is rich - he does not eat sadza (maize porridge) or bread - he eats spaghetti - EVERY NIGHT!"

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