Thursday, January 31, 2008

We passed the year end at Nina's house, the neighbours gaily letting off all kinds of of dodgy fireworks from their rooftops in a happy display that reminded me of the safety adverts we used to get at primary school. Reminded me of what they said not to do.

Nina's niece Jessica got startled at first, remembering the Paiol - the arms dump explosion a year ago which killed so many people. The sad thing is, at the time people thought the sound those obsolete soviet munitions really were fireworks - until they started coming in through people's roofs and cutting them in half.

Before we went to sleep there was a fun hour digging my car out of the sand so we could park it in the driveway - apparently mine was the first car to actually park there since the concrete was laid and a big chunk of it promptly shattered under my Mark II's 1300kg.

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