Thursday, June 26, 2003

I have managed to find an internet cafe and a spare hour so I can write something ´proper´ at last.

My hotel room at the moment is on the 9th floor of one of the city´s main drags, when you look out of it at sunset you can see the sun shining through the clouds across the curve of the bay - Maputo does have the potential to be really beautiful, but at the moment it is a mix of construction sites, half-ruined colonial buildings, and a few spanking new skyscrapers.

It will be easy to pile on the pounds here - a woman came around the corridors of the MPF (the Ministry building where I am working) selling roasted cashew nuts from the northern provinces. For about 40p I bought a big bag of them, they are delicious but extremely moreish. On the other hand some of our early ´immersion sessions´ into the state accounting system lasted for 6 hours with only tea breaks and no lunch, so maybe things will balance out.

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