Friday, July 04, 2003

Friday at work has come around and it seems like we have been here forever.
This week has been pretty tough but today we have come out of the tunnel a bit, or something. I have finally set up a server in our new office (its a great location, just near the railway station) which allows us all to connect our laptops to the internet so from now on my posts should be a bit more regular.

The city is buzzing because of the African Union conference, every hotel, restaurant and greasy spoon is stowed out.

This evening we are going to sign the contract for our "fleti" (Maputo Portuguese for "flat") and then we move in on Sunday. That will be a relief as I have had enough of the hotel, it has the world´s worst lift system which takes forever and sounds like it was designed to work on a mine in the Transvaal.

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