Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Got another lift from Gomes the Taxi Driver yesterday (aka ´Karate´). I worked around to asking him why his car was so banged up. It turns out there´s a good reason: he works the night shift and fancy cars simply get ripped off by hijackers - he already lost one car that way. So he sticks with the old banger and the carjackers leave him alone.

I have arranged a tutor to teach me Shangaan (the most widely-spoken Bantu language in the Maputo area) and the first lesson is this evening. On the way home I need to buy some trousers as handwashing them is getting tiresome (my super-flat has no washing machine, so we´ll probably end up hiring someone). Unfortunately all trousers on sale here seem to fall into two categories:
1) Imported Diesel jeans for the gilded youth - at an enormous markup to their already hefty starting price
2) Ill-fitting 50% polyester numbers which only go down to a 34 waist.

Maybe I can find a ´third way´....

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