Monday, July 21, 2003

Just come out of a three-hour meeting which we will be resuming tomorrow. Wah! However it was quite productive.

More on food: today I had Matapa for lunch, which is a delicious local stew made with spinach, coconut and shrimps. The only problem was that in my hasty greed [shouldn't that be greedy haste - ed?] I ate almost the whole plate about 6 minutes and then was unable to move for fear of being sick. Luckily though my digestive system is well-trained and within 15 mins I was able to fit a custard pie in that I bought from a little kiosk on the way back to the office. This is not a custard pie in the traditional 'stick in the face of Bill Gates' sense, it is a common delicacy in Maputo which is quite small with a tastily-burnt top. Kind of like creme caramel.

Today the weather has gone back to thick and hot, dark clouds pushing the warm air down but only touching your face with tiny spits of rain. Looming.

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