Friday, July 18, 2003

On wednesday I walked through a kind of park to get to the Gym (where the Judo class is).
I say kind of because it is more an area of uncleared woodland which people relax in than anything officially designated.

It was quite pleasant, tall gum trees providing the shade. As I walked through I noticed a woman stretching after a jog - but as I got closer she stuck her elbows out and starting twisting from side-to-side very fast, almost violently. This didn't seem to be related to my approach, instead it was some kind of exercise: although it seemed her top half was likely to fly off and spin to the ground.

I was at first bemused, but ten yards further on, at 'crosspaths' (like a crossroads, but for paths) there was a battered metal sign telling you to do 30 twists and 20 touch-toes. It didn't mention that you had to do them at the speed of light, but neither did it expressly tell you to go gently on your ligaments....

Looking around, I could see that each crosspaths in the park had a similar sign. Painful visions of innocent Mozambicans doing their physicals as instructed by the government ensued - at each sign ripping a different set of muscles or breaking a different joint. Maybe tomorrow I will go and take some photos of them. Then I could make a new exercise regime based on them and sell it to Hollywood actresses. The protein-only diet fad must surely be coming to an end by now, so they'll be looking for something new...

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