Saturday, September 06, 2003

The best-laid plans....

We hadn't count on the mental weather here, during friday afternoon the clouds build up and suddenly at night they burst. Thunder, lightning, diagonal water sheeting in through the grille on the verandah, through the missing window in the kitchen door, on to the floor. The dirt track from the ferry point to Macaneta would have been a sea of mud and (due, I think, to stubborness and a desire to once again play Colin MacRae) Luiz had chosen the Corolla again, i.e. we would have got stuck for definite.

I have put up a few pictures of the rain drops caught by the flash. Also one of my foot, which took me drunken ages to take as the camera wouldn't pick up the reflection. The main point of this one is that its strange how we get used to seeing feet always shaped by shoes, when the rest of our fashion is more or less for clothes which follow the lines of the body. In contrast, you can't really say that a trainer looks like a foot.

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