Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Here are some pictures of a demonstration which passed our house the other weekend. Note the American flag – as far as I could see some of the protestors were hoping the US of A would come and save the country from penury. Hmmm, backing the wrong horse I think.

In fact poor Moz is more likely to get blamed for the attack which killed Vieira de Mello. He was sadly missed here actually: apart from the fact that half my colleagues are Brazilian, he was boss of the UNHCR operation here for three years when huge amounts of refugees were streaming back into the country after the end of the civil war, and seemed to have made a good impression.

I have been sporadically teaching myself to swim front crawl better, as its something I have always been crap at, and on Sunday I had a lightbulb moment thanks to the advice of Luiz and Andres (a late addition to our team, from Cuba), so I can now swim for 4 times longer without getting out of breath. Soon I will be swimming across the bay to Catembe.

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