Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I may have to maintain radio-silence for a few days as we have had a big departmental workshop thing thrown at us that means I will be far away from internet. Luiz & I have to give a presentation (with two days notice) which could actually decide the fate of the Universe. The underlying political situation is at a crisis point regarding the future of the project, and we have discovered that some people we thought were decent chaps are in fact Darth Vader-like scoundrels. So hopefully we can do our little bit to tip the balance in the right direction.

The problem is we have to do it without Darth actually realising we are trying to stop his skullduggery, which could be difficult as he was not exactly born yesterday.

Well, all very cryptic as the terms of my contract prevent me from going into any more detail, but basically by this weekend I will be either in a very good or a very bad mood - I'll let you know.

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