Monday, September 29, 2003

Supposedly this is Big Decision Week and we will find out exactly where the project is going. In preparation me and Luiz had a Big Descansar Weekend (descansar = relax), we went swimming, eating, and to a sold-out Miriam Makeba concert. This last was a masterpiece of blagging as we had not bought tickets in advance and when we arrived there was a big queue crushing at the gate waiting to be let in to grab the few that remained. As there was nothing to lose we marched up with supreme confidence and asked the guard to let us in to buy tickets at the desk. While he was deciding whether or not this was OK we managed to slip past him. At this point the ticket-seller realised what was happening and ordered everyone to form a queue, but luckily we were already at the front. This caused consternation among the many french people clamouring at the gate (it was at the Franco-Mozambique Cultural Centre) mais ├ža c'est la vie mes chers.

Once inside, there was a swanky soiree buffet/art exhibition which only VIPs were allowed into. Luckily one of the guys who works at the venue is in my Judo club so we managed to smooth our way into that too. Luiz made a great impression on certain members of the local fine art community so I'm sure we shall be visiting some studios in future...

Later on I went with the Judo guys to a club they had booked out to fete the visiting Gauteng Judo Association (Gauteng is the South African province which includes Johannesburg). The music was quite good once it got going (although the DJ could not change records to save his life), an eclectic mixture of early 90s commercial dance (Black Box anyone?), modern house and hip-hop, zairean-style beer hall music, all sprinkled with bizarre incursions of heinous nu-metal. I must say that our club weren't very good hosts, as the dancing got more and more bump-n-grindy as the night wore on and the South Africans got less and less comfortable at all the gyrating foxiness, but no-one seemed to care. By the end the bar had run out of water, beer and all soft drinks except Pineapple Fanta so barring the sul-africanos I think a good time was had by everyone.

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