Sunday, September 21, 2003

This weekend had a good mix of weather. Saturday was a scorcher, so we went swimming in the municipal pool for the first time - huge and almost empty. This might be because the entrance price ($2) is pretty steep for most Maputans. So unless you can pay you only get in if you are a friend or relative of the staff. At least that is what I suspect, I have no proof. Lets hope we don't catch anything from the water, anyway.

Afterwards we went to watch an intra-club junior Judo champonship, which was a great family day, lots of 'bate-papo' (chatting) hundreds of kids running around and the occasional judo match. Next saturday is the senior champonship which will be heftier.

At night we tried to watch 'O Batedor' at the cinema (Tommy Lee Jones & Benicio del Toro - think 'The Fugitive' meets the first 'Rambo' film). This was slightly ruined by them having a 30-minute interval a third of the way through, just as it was getting exciting. It isn't that long a film but if the rules say there must be an interval then an interval there must be.

Today was overcast and so cool, even cold, without actually managing to rain. So I could go for a run again, stopping occasionally to clean sand out of my eyes from the whirling sand-devils that blow down the main roads. I have never been to Chicago so I don't know how much it really lives up to its nickname but here is certainly 'the windy city' of southern africa.

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