Friday, September 05, 2003

Well this is the life. At work all was calm – the calm before the storm. Monday is a holiday to celebrate the Lusaka accords which paved the way for Mozambican Independence, but in our neck of the woods the big guns have been rolled out from the shelter of the trees and their barrels are shining in the sun. Next week is going to be a massive punch-up but things could actually end up better after it.

But since we have a long weekend, who gives a m*tical? Thanks to the wonder of cable modem + MP3 + DVD Player, we have decent music at high volume for the first time since we got here. Our fridge has gone on the blink so we have to drink all the beer in it quickly before it gets warm. And tomorrow a sojourn to the beach, with better-arranged (by moi, obviously) company this time.

On Sunday there is to the FACIM Trade Fair, which seems to be all the rage for the happening (and even not so happening) crowd in Maputo. Someone I know knows someone who got us some free tickets (thus saving us $2 each – yee haw!). Seriously though, if we have to set up something on the side in case work goes “funny” this is the place to be. Luckily it is near the Escola Nautica (aka the swimming pool) so if it gets too hot we can give up and splash out etc.

On Monday I am going to try and go to Xipamanine Market (pronounced “Shpamneen” by the taxi touts) which is a famous “buy everything and anything” place on the outskirts of Maputsu.

Finally, thanks to Neill I have moved my Shona site to a new location at: www.shonalanguage.info – or see link on left-hand side. I wish Shangaan was as straightforward as Shona!

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