Thursday, November 27, 2003

Today I was woken by the doorbell at 6am. Since it is already very light at that time, I didn't quite realise how early it was until I had already stumbled out to the stairhead. I was half-expecting some kind of ambush but it turned out to be a little guy with a big smile on his face which I guess was supposed to assuage the rude interruption (even for Moz 'seis horas' is a bit on the early side). He wanted to see the owner who I explained several times did not live here. He wanted to 'serve' her with some kind of court order and I pointed out that I could not guarantee that she would pass by the house any time soon.

Nevertheless he scribbled an official-looking document and handed it to me. It didn't have my name on it so I was happy to take it, but I was well pissed-off at his complete lack of caring about waking me up. However given that he worked for the Maputo Department of Justice (or something like that) I decided not to make a big thing of it.

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