Sunday, February 08, 2004

...writing this blog in the middle of trying to watch Moz TV's 'big saturday movie' - the dodgily-subtitled '40 days and 40 nights' in which Josh Hartnett tries do give up sex (including hand shandies) for Lent, in a city overrun by foxes of the utmost fineness. We couldn't work out which city it was set in but if anyone could let us know we have decided to go and work there instead as basically all females in it are apparently stunners (as opposed to here where its perhaps 60%).

In fact we almost gave up trying to watch as Moz TV are either showing it from a pirate DVD or they have 'Mr. DimmoThick' doing the reel changes as every 20 mins they cut from one scene back to an earlier one, then jumped past an important scene - each screw-up marked by a 'break' in which the same trailer for a crap Brazilian soap set in 1930s Rio was shown again.. and again ... and again ... wait let me just check ... yes again.

Well, I'm not that bothered as today was a great sunday - pure sun followed by little showers at 2-hourly intervals to keep the heat under control. Everyone was vegging around on the street in a relaxed way. I swam 1.2km and ran 11km so after that my heart was so slow and peaceful that everything seemed in kind of slow motion, filtered through a tint of calmness.

Also, I finally closed the deal on the car, if all goes well we can do the paperwork tomorrow and then I have a new mota all to myself - it already has a good sound system so I just need to put in the tinted windows and furry dice, then will be all set for some pothole cruisin.

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