Saturday, May 15, 2004

The delay on this blog is partly due to Blogger, they added a whizzy new 'post-by-email' feature to the system which I thought was a great idea (less windows to open on my cracked screen) so tried it out straightaway. Unfortunately it didn't work so I am back to typin' in at the webpage, will try mail again sometime again.

Open warfare has broken out on the project, all of those tanks and artillery pieces I mentioned a few months ago are now firing away like crazy. Many of the international consultants either directly refuse to accept any priorities or agree to deliverables in complete bad faith, knowing that two days later they will worm out of doing anything claiming 'higher purpose' from Darth (who has no official post within the IT area of our agency).

Yesterday we had a cheesy high-level visit from other representatives of Darth's institution (clue: its the elder of the Bretton Woods) and of course everyone talked a load of shit about how priority number one is to transfer knowledge to the Mozambicans (who unfortunately are sooo 'ignorant' that we had to hire masses of foreigners) etc etc when they know that the opposite is true.

I had a great urge to take one of them aside and whisper in their ear "if you ever want this project to succeed, you have to get rid of Darth", but I managed to hold my tongue, as that would have certainly led to me being sent home on a plane the next day.

Ho hum. Going to a ball (= university prom night thing) tonight, in full kiltalia, should be a laugh.

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