Monday, June 14, 2004

I watched a class movie the other day - 'The Rundown' with The Rock (who is definitely one of the better muscle-bound actors). It was fairly tongue-in-cheek with good piss-taking by Stigler from American Pie and an extremely fine leading lady who's name wasn't on the credits. But the biggest contribution to viewing pleasure was the subtitles - from 'The Scorpion King' - in Spanish!

To explain: a new phenomemon on the Maputo streets is these compilation DVDs with 4 or 5 films jammed on, all supposedly organized around a theme. They don't cost any more than normal ones and normally at least one of the films is watchable quality, so they are taking over the market. I think they mainly come from China via someone's living room with a DVD-burner.

Anyway, the 'theme' of our disk was Dwayne Johnson which meant his breakthrough 'Mummy Returns' plus the historically-challenged 'Scorpion King'. But they must have screwed up copying the subtitles track, so the film went something like this (action in square brackets, subtitles translated from Spanish in quotes)...

[The Rock punches tough guy in stomach and knees him in face]
"I've never killed an Assyrian before"

[TR squares up to ridiculously huge American Football Player guy]
"Burn the witch"

[TR has squabbling match with Stigler from American Pie]
"Ha! You have no more arrows left now, warrior"


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