Monday, June 07, 2004

A terrible thing happened yesterday. One of my Mozambican colleagues, Anîbal, died in a car accident. Apparently he was driving near the border with Swaziland and took a curve too fast, I still don't know all the details. He was one of the first guys to join our team, about 9 months ago, and was really doing well.

He had come down from Quelimane province to study in Maputo some years ago, and then got a job with UTRAFE as a database guy - in fact he also showed a lot of promise as a programmer. He was only young, 24 or 25 at the most, so when he joined he was quite a timid guy but recently he had begun to come out of his shell a lot as he grew in confidence.

He lived near me so when we were working late I often used to give him lifts back from the office, and drop him at the BP garage near my house - now every time I go past it I will think of him and think how unbelievably shit life can be sometimes.

Most of my brain still refuses to believe it, I am on holiday today, I guess when I go back into work tomorrow and he isn't there making cheeky wisecracks it will sink in.

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