Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Yahoo Mail have upped their free mail hosting space to 100Mb which is great to receive for nothing. No more carefully pruning my 'Sent Items' folder...

That plus the following other features mean they are way ahead of Hotmail in my opinion:
- not owned by Microsoft
- you can actually tell buttons and links related to your email apart from the advertising
- they use a simple login mechanism which doesn't take ages or use the shitty full-of-holes slow to load privacy-invading monstrosity that is Microsoft Passport

Now all they need is to correct their spam filters to detect that when I receive 2 identical emails in the same day from....
...Jane Brown entitled PEN!S EXPANSI0N - IT WORKS
...or a sincere sounding but terribly-spelled email ALL IN CAPITALS OFFERING ME A BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP from Francis Kabila/Gbagbo/Abacha/Taylor/Mobutu/Pick your African Dictator's Pretend Son
...or CHEAP PRESCRIPTION DRUGS because the U.S. Healthcare system is too fucked up to copy the NHS and control manufacturer's prices

...that these are, in fact, unwanted junk.

Still, I have to repeat that 100Mb is a decent offer - even if it appears to have been responding to Google's G-spot Mail with its 2Gb (paid for by Brave New World-style 'targeted advertising').

P.S. on the G thing, I stopped using google a while ago because they seem to have become very Hollywood-like in blocking or removing any politically controversial adverts. Now I use alltheweb. Yes its a few more characters to type and your fingers don't bounce back-and-forth like they do with g-oo-g-l-e but at least they're not information-suppressing greedos.

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