Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Just watched Spiderman 2, it beats the red-and-blue pants off the first one. The script has occasional gauche moments but is basically class, the plot does actually contain some surprises, and it even manages to be atmospheric at times. Only let down by the over-eager score and the (perhaps on-purpose?) naff worse-than-computer-game animation.

In other news today, I ran very fast as rather unexpectedly I was full of energy on hitting the pavement, my shins finally felt back on form, my heart didn't even break sweat, and my lungs seemed to be incapable of running out of air however much I pushed it. So ran down the hill, zipped once round the track (which I have now discovered is named after Moz's first Marathon champ) and zoomed right back up. Only 5km but it felt better than it has in months. This month I have already run more than in the whole of June. So that's good.

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