Saturday, July 10, 2004

Sorry been away for a bit - I visited South Africa last weekend and then have been really busy. Still have no contract so since 23rd June I have been effectively working illegally. Needless to say this doesn't worry my bosses a bit, plus they are still paying my salary. However it will cause big problems in August when we have to renew our residence visas, as the Ministry of Immigration insist upon their documentation.

I know that at some point in the next few months I will get fed up of this if its not sorted, and leave the employ of the Ministry. However there are various other things on the cards so I won't be leaving Moz just yet.


On the way back from SA I had an interesting experience with the police. They pulled me over at a checkpoint 30km out of Maputo and I groaned inwardly "here we go again". But in fat the guy was very polite and seemed very interested in knowing exactly where I lived. I wasn't about to tell him my actual address but I gave him the general idea. Then he says "that's good, you can give us a lift". I hesitated for a brief moment and then accepted his 'suggestion' as it wouldn't take me out of my way and I didn't really fancy pissing him off.

So him (quite chunky) and a fellow policewoman n(also chunky-ish) get into the car, which sags noticeably. I think to myself "let's see what they're made of" and insisted that they put on their seatbelts (which no-one bothers with in Moz).

Since it was a high-quality toll road all the way back to Maputo, straight with almost no traffic, I tanked it all the way back at 100mph, way above the official speed-limit. Funly enough, they didn't complain as they were getting a super-speedy ride back home, although they did look a bit nervous on the overtakes. Still, it meant they were awfully polite and keen not to distract me from driving - and with 'police protection' I obviously didn't get stopped at any more checkpoints.

2 days later the end-pipe of my exhaust fell off as I was parking, not quite the Blues Brothers, but quite annoying nonetheless. Hopefully they can weld it back on but I haven't got round to taking it to the garage, until then my demure-looking Corolla has a boy-racer like growl.

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