Wednesday, July 21, 2004

"timestamps are exported in an uncertain format, at the mercy of the oracle client installation".

That is a quote from a bug report Neill wrote which I had just had to share (sorry Neill). He always writes very good technical documentation in terms of completeness, but the language is sometimes rather poetic for English-as-second-language speakers. To explain this one to another colleague on the team, I ended up with the 'oracle client installation' (that is, a software program) metaphorised as a big knight in shining armour, with his sword at the through of the poor timestamp who is begging for mercy (a timestamp is a way of representing a particular date and time, in a database).

From time to time I will 'share' more of these classic quotes with you, dear readers.

Meanwhile, the sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that I have linked to another blog on the left-hand-side. I don't even know 'John Dutton', but for no apparent reason I did a search for other english-language blogs in Moz and this came up top of the list. Furthermore, he is the same weight as me, has brown hair, wears glasses, and appears not to be a fan of Dubya's foreign policy. However the similarities end there - for instance I am not particularly good at any wheeled sports, plus I have never even tried to carry such a big backpack.

Anyway, from the bits I have read, his blog is an interesting and well-written perspective on Moz so have a read.

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