Sunday, October 03, 2004

Writing this from Singapore Changi Airport at 6.45 local time, they have a very fast free internet access room and since its so early its completely unbusy. Heathrow could take a leaf out of this book (see one of the first posts on this blog about the 5 pounds for 2 minutes on metal keys extravaganza offered by the world's busiest passenger airport).

In a few hours I fly to Bali, then spend a day there and monday morning take a regional flight to Ende.

Quite glad to leave work for a while, the craziness continues. One of the biggest spanners on the project trashed a Sun server last week by accidentally running a command which told it to wipe its own hard disk - an embarassing thing to do even for a Computer Science student but pretty unforgivable for an 'international consultant' who earns 100 times the annual GDP per capita every month (seriously, I worked it out).

To make it worse, the guy tried to hide his mistake by shouting at the infrastructure department to 'fix that server, it just stopped working suddenly while I was running some tests'. Only when they corrected insisted on diagnosing what had gone wrong before jumping at premature solutions, did it emerge that our superbly arrogant colleague had issued the infamous 'rm -rf /' command.

For the non-techies among you, this basically means 'start at the top directory in the filesystem and remove everything under it, recursively....'

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