Friday, November 26, 2004

Great article here about disastrous government IT project - has three good characteristics for a screw-up:
Meanwhile, the ruling party here has used a more direct route to screw up the running of government services: last week ALL health service staff in Maputo (pop: 2mn) - from doctors to janitors - were obliged to attend a 'special meeting' with the outgoing president that lasted almost a whole day, and was supposed to encourage them to vote 'the right way' in next month's elections. Result: chaos in all hospitals and clinics, appointments trashed, surgical operations cancelled. Corruption is one thing, but this little abuse of state power shocked even mozambicans - how arrogant can you get?

I only hope that for every doctor or nurse who obligingly 'votes correctly' on 1st and 2nd December, several of their disgruntled would-be patients think a bit more clearly about the future of the country.

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Monday, November 15, 2004

Some depressing things which have happened in the last few weeks:

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

While I'm waiting for the dreaded result, here are some stories from Indonesia:
"do you want a woman?"
"no thanks, I'm alright"
"are you sure, I can get you a woman right now"
"no really, I have a girlfriend"
"your girlfriend, is she here?"
"no, she's back at home"
"in Bali?"
"no, in Africa"
"so why don't you let me arrange you a woman, Bali is fully of pretty girls"
"I'm sure it is, but really I don't want a woman"
"I'll find you a really pretty girl and you can jiggy-jiggy all night with her"
"who told you to say 'jiggy-jiggy'? that's a rubbish word for sex! was it some australian tourist?"

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Am monitoring the US election results on the BBC website. In another window I am looking at xe.com, the currency converter, which refreshes automatically every minute. The more that 'mad monkey dubya' appears to close in on winning a second term, the weaker the dollar gets against the pound (and thus the less my salary is worth back in Scotland).

On the other hand, European stock markets appear to be jumping up at the prospect of a Bush win...

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