Wednesday, November 03, 2004

While I'm waiting for the dreaded result, here are some stories from Indonesia:
"do you want a woman?"
"no thanks, I'm alright"
"are you sure, I can get you a woman right now"
"no really, I have a girlfriend"
"your girlfriend, is she here?"
"no, she's back at home"
"in Bali?"
"no, in Africa"
"so why don't you let me arrange you a woman, Bali is fully of pretty girls"
"I'm sure it is, but really I don't want a woman"
"I'll find you a really pretty girl and you can jiggy-jiggy all night with her"
"who told you to say 'jiggy-jiggy'? that's a rubbish word for sex! was it some australian tourist?"

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