Friday, May 20, 2005

Wow the last few weeks have passed very quickly, no blogging once again. Am about to go home having everything once again under control only at 6.15pm on a friday. Although this week things weren't helped by having to take two days off to visit Nelspruit and get a visa. Happily, once there, it was 10 times easier to get a 6-month visa than in the headquarters of Migration Affairs here in Maputo. Obviously.

Although the visa requires me to go out of Moz at least once a month. Which, as Nina gleefully pointed out, means we will probably have to make shopping trips to Nelspruit every month. Not if I can help it. But she has a point - the only country which is easy for her to visit is SA, as they recently lifted the previously cumbersome visa restrictions for Mozzers entering as tourists. Swaziland, Malawi etc are still much more complicated...

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