Friday, September 09, 2005

I am well but generally pretty knackered. This is a result of taking on an "extra, extra" job of teaching a one-semester course in Internet Applications and Services to a final-year class at one of the Universities in Maputo. It has two especially knackering aspects:
As an aside, Neill pointed out an interesting first (apparently) for Scotland, being the first place to teach "Rails", the latest must-have technology of the web programming world, on an undergraduate course. See here for the original post. The blogger, one of the key boosters of Ruby (the programming language which underlies Rails), asks "Is anyone else out there teaching Rails?". By coincidence, only yesterday I mentioned it in a lecture, as a popular alternative to the technology I will be teaching on the course, which is JSP (based on Java as the underlying programming language, which fits with the other courses in my University).

JSP does have certain deficiencies as a beginner's tool for web-programming. Perhaps next year, if I have enough time to learn it properly myself, I could consider integrating Rails in the course.

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