Friday, February 17, 2006

Going through a massive heatwave here, interspersed with sudden burst of super-heavy rain, which floods most streets very quickly as the drainage is terrible. The other day we had to give up going to work in the morning as we got within about 500 metres and the main street was literally a river, over a foot deep and full of floating, nameless things. But most days (and nights) it is just sheer thick blanket heat. I am definitely more used to it than when I first got here, though.

An interesting brief here by the Oxford Research Group, about the potential consequences of a US-led airstrike on Iran. They quote an earlier study of theirs from 2002, warning about the aftermath of an Iraq invasion, and at least the quoted parts were very prescient. Basically the conclusion is the same as any common-sense one "don't do it!". Really, as long as long as the current hypocritical Nuclear Weapons regime stands....
"we, the guys who have already got Nukes, can keep them and even make more. Oh yeah, and our mates like Israel as well, who pretend they don't have them but make sure everyone knows damn well they do - well they can keep 'em too, being our mates'n'all.
But YOU f*ckers - who didn't manage to get hold of them by the start of the Cold War - well that's just tough - you CAN'T have them and we'll beat you if you try. And not just beat you - shame you and call you terrorist-lovers and everything."
...well this kind of problem is not going to go away. "Nuclear Disarmament starts at home!"

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