Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Two interesting sites if your PC is in a mess. I would have added a personal firewall site except that since Service Pack 2, Windows XP seems to come with a reasonable built-in firewall.

1) AVG Free AntiVirus - a genuinely free virus scanner, that in my opinion, also works better than the much heftier Norton/Symantec solution. Note that it is only useful if your PC has a regular internet connection, so that you can download the updates.

2) Malware Complaints - where to go if you think your PC has been infected by Malware. This is a generic term for all those annoying little programs that seem to install themselves without asking, and although they don't do any harm, annoy the f*ck out of you via popup windows, changing the address in your browser when you mistype, and putting icons everywhere. They are normally difficult to uninstall, as they were made to stay on your PC for ever. This site has a list of known dodgy products, with uninstallation hints and tips for each one.

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