Thursday, March 30, 2006

A worthwhile read for "Enterprise Architects". Or people who like to call themselves that. The Massachussetts State Government has created a set of Technical Standards for IT. There are millions of such standards around, the advantage of these is:
- they're short and clear
- they're based on real experience of a large, long-running organization with thousands of users of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds
- they reference other existing standards and best practices as much as possible

So next time someone in your organization says "lets use XYZ because I read an article about it in a magazine last week, and it sounds cool", refer him to these standards first. Of course, in many if not most IT shops, that will not help you much, because said bullshit-talker will be one of:
- the boss (IT)
- the big boss
- the boss/big boss's bumchum from way back
- the guy in charge of procurement who wants to make a buck
- a long-term consultant on loan from the firm which makes XYZ (normally IBM, Sun or Oracle)

...but that's another story!

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