Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yesterday morning a mysterious fire broke out at the Ministry of Agriculture (a huge, curved building that any visitor to Moz will pass as they drive in from the airport). It started at about 6am so no one was hurt (state functionaries start work at 7am).

Given that it only destroyed the economics, finance and accounting departments, the general opinion here seems to be that it was set on purpose, to cover up misuse of funds.

Now, of course, the government will plead for (and get) from the donors, a big handout to rebuild a spanking new ministry. Instead of, say, doing anything useful like:
- rural feeder roads
- rural marketplaces
- provincial main roads
- agricultural extension
- regulating oligopolies in the distribution and wholesaling of agricultural produce

ho hum...

I am sick of you people with your old and same comments about developing countries. What makes you think that the only thing we do is begging money in donor agencies. We do work and we do produce our money. Furthermore we have paid you already with slavery that boosted your economy and we repaying you again much more in other means for example in commodities. So leave us in peace and do us a favor if you can not help please stop accusing and stereotyping people that strives to do the best for their homeland.
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