Wednesday, July 25, 2007

1. Tech. Here is an article I just had published on ZK "Rich Client" technology.

2. More Tech. Have installed Ubuntu 7.04 on my new Acer TravelMate 4200 laptop. I have been happy with Ubuntu for servers since 5.10, but for PCs it has always had some hassle or other. But this time they seem to have done it. I initially installed it just because the Acer came with, bizarrely, Windows installed on top of FAT32 instead of NTFS. Thanks but no thanks, Acer!! So I had to reformat the disk anyway, and while I was at it installed Ubuntu. And I haven't booted back into Windows. The suspend, hibernate, power management all work perfectly. The only tweak was downloading linux drivers for my graphics card from Intel, but they were very easy to find and install.

3. Crime again. The police effectively appear to have lost control of Maputo, pretty much every day some armed gang assaults a bank or big shop - and gets away with it. A couple of weeks ago, the police in one station heard about a stolen car - and went to get it. Some hours later, the gang who had stolen it, assaulted the POLICE STATION, killed one officer, and stole it back!!

Last week, one of my staff was walking to the bus stop at about 7pm and had to run for his life as a rolling shootout between cops and robbers came round the corner.

Meanwhile, in one of the provinces, a policeman on patrol discovered two men raping a teenage girl. He shot one of them dead. When they came to collect the body, they discovered that it was an off-duty policeman! The shooter, a cop who was actually protecting civilians for once, is now languishing in a cell while they decide what to do with him.

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